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But from there you will seek the Lord your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.  Deuteronomy 4:29 (NKJV)

Hope, Help, Healing, and Higher Intimacy

Below, you will find links to purchase God Dates. But first, I would appreciate just a couple minutes of your time. Are there circumstances in your life that leave you emotionally drained or spiritually stuck? Are you thirsty for something new in your relationship with God? Perhaps, you feel like your relationship has become mundane? Or maybe you are just ready to kick it up a notch? If so, be assured God is calling you to a higher level of intimacy with Him. Indeed,He is ready to draw you closer. Take you into new heights of purpose.

What Are Interactive Devotionals

God Dates are intentional meetings with the Lord that require a certain level of preparation, much like any other type of date. God Dates are not replacements for daily devotional time. Indeed, these interactive devotionals are the icing on the cake. Over the course of twenty-four God Dates, you will be on a journey to experience the Lord in refreshingly personal ways. 

Why God Dates

The collection of activities of interactive devotionals is designed to with three objectives:

  1. Increase your intimacy with the Lord;
  2. Foster a sense of renewed purpose for His will for your life; and
  3. Provide an opportunity for personal rejuvenation.

A Challenge to You

Grow beyond the mundane where life is reduced to a series of transactions that offer little or not sustaining intrinsic value. If you are ready to go to a deeper relationship with the Lord, then take the twenty-four God Dates devotional challenge. Invest in an experience, a confrontation with and lasting connection, that enriches life in this realm, with eternity in-mind. By doing so, you are participating in our broader movement to promote spiritual development. That is, growth that is at the center of being a true worshiper of Jesus Christ.

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Religion without Relationship, What Spiritual Leaders Say…

We encourage you to meditate on a key principle. Namely, that God Dates is not so much a religious promotional, but rather explores the beauty of relationship. Modern society affords individuals constant access to religion. Broadcasting of church services. News coverage of acts of kindness, whether after natural or man-made disasters. Financial giving campaigns advertised on television and hosted on social media platforms. These activities blur the two ideas – religion and relationship.

While religion is a byproduct of sound relationships with God, it is easy mis-perceive that religion is a substitute for relationship (i.e., intimacy). Likewise, some believe that the very involvement in religious activity without genuine relationship is honored by God. Jesus Christ indicts “doing this or that”, absent relationship during a most critical conversation with his disciples. [Matthew 7:15-23]

Below, are three quotes that illustrate this problem and underscore the distinction:  

It goes beyond your Sunday morning church attendance. It measures your heart towards God and the alignment for His will in your life. Deep down, you know that there is something more

Kristen D. Price, Author, God Dates

Religion is a guy in church thinking about fishing. Relationship is a guy out fishing thinking about God.

A. W. Tozer, Theologian and Pastor, The Alliance

Religion has been replacing a solid relationship with God ever since Satan has been in business and too many Christians are not aware of it.

Johnny Carver, Evangelist/Missionary, Portland Church of God of Prophecy

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